Samba Auto-Install Printers Limitation

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Sat Jul 10 18:43:09 GMT 1999

On 10 Jul 99, "Hight, Steve - SBS" <shight at> had questions 
about Samba Auto-Install Printers Limitation:  

>   It looks to me that Samba can only autoinstall print drivers for 95/98,
> not NT workstations?
> I have about a 70/30 mix of NT and 95 clients, and if I am to use Samba
> for printing I need to have it auto install drivers for 95 or NT.
> Am I missing something or is this just a limitation of Samba?

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From: Julian Richardson <JRichardson at>
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Subject: Re: 'automatic' Printer driver installation...

As a follow-up to my email yesterday -

I got Linux to serve out printer drivers to NT clients by simply copying
everything from the hidden share on our NT printserver onto the linux
printserver under a similar share name and then setting 'printer driver'
and 'printer driver location' in smb.conf accordingly. It works with an HP
laserjet 4, and will presumably work for other printers too. 

I haven't tried serving printer drivers to Win95 clients yet, but then
that doesn't work with our current NT-based printserver anyway, so it's
way down the list of priorities... :)

I still don't know why I don't see anything in the printers system
folder when browsing the linux box, but the whole 'printers' folder
concept seems to be an NT-client-only thing anyway (it doesn't appear in
'95) so it isn't a huge problem if it isn't possible to simulate using

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