oplock problem

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at coyote.rain.org
Sat Jul 10 18:43:09 GMT 1999

On 10 Jul 99, "Johann Zuschlag" <jozuschlag at online.de> had 
questions about oplock problem:  

> It doesn't matter whether there are 2 or 6 users, no speed difference.
> There is also an SQL Version of this database, but it runs only with
> MS-SQL server. I don't think it will run with a free SQL under Linux.

SQL is a standard, and both MySQL and PostgreSQL are almost fully 
compliant (maybe more so than the M$ SQL product).  There are 
numerous web sites and mailing lists on both; it'd be worth a 
little time to check it out.  I bet you could get it to work.


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