Installation of Samba on SVR3 unix

Eugene Rice edr at
Thu Jul 8 00:06:51 GMT 1999

> > There are patches you may need to make related to samba running with the
> > char limit.  I too am running Samba 1.9.16p9 on Motorola SVR3.
> Which patches are these?

Aside from the shortening of source filenames (watch out for files whose
first 14 char are the same), the other changes are (on version 1.9.16p9):

1) Shorten locking temp file:

locking.c line 275:

locking.c line 678:
    if (sscanf(s,"s.%d.%d",&dev,&inode)!=2) continue;

status.c line 234:
       if (sscanf(s,"s.%d.%d",&dev,&inode)!=2) continue;

2) Made the change in util.c to correct the following error excerpted
from the log file.

    Added interface ip=a.b.c.d bcast=a.b.x.255 nmask=
    error connecting to a.b.c.y:139 (No more processes)

I made the following change in util.c starting at line 2892 to correct
the problem:

  ret = connect(res,(struct sockaddr *)&sock_out,sizeof(sock_out));

  if (ret < 0 && (errno == EINPROGRESS || errno == EALREADY ||
                  errno == EAGAIN) && loops--) {
    goto connect_again;

3) You may not need to but I did add the following line in the
local.h include file:


That's it, give it a try.


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