Ryk Field r.field at
Thu Jul 8 01:42:32 GMT 1999


Windows 95/98/NT have the ability to have a 
comment string displayed when you are browsing
the network.  Ie, my machine MYPC in domain
MYDOMAIN might display the comment "Ryk Field".

I am trying to identify if there is any way to
obtain that comment information on the screen as
the output of an nmblookup or smbclient or similar.
Ie, when an NMBLOOKUP comes back it shows hostname,
domain, and who is logged on, but not the server
"Comment" field.

I seem to be able to get this information listed 
for machines in my domain if I do an SMBCLIENT -L
to the domain controller (it may be because its the
browse master) but I am really interested in getting
the comment strings for machines on other subnets.

I was thinking I could do an NMBLOOKUP to a machine
on another subnet to with a -M to get identify the
browse master and then trying to do SMBCLIENT -L to it
but don't seem to be having any luck.

As near as I can tell from the source code, samba does
have this information lying around (from memory in
server_info structure) all I need to do is get it to
show it to me for any specific machine.

Does anyone have any ideas?



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