Installation of Samba on SVR3 unix

Pete pete at
Wed Jul 7 07:16:14 GMT 1999

Thanks for the reply Eugene

> There are several ways of doing this:
> 1) untar samba on a system supporting long filenames (even PC), renaming
> modules there then copying to the SVR3 system (hard way).  Remember to
> rename all references to the shortened modules (makefile, includes, ...).

This was the conclusion I was coming to.  I'm going to put a script
together which will do this, if I can get it working I'll post it to
the list.

> There are patches you may need to make related to samba running with the 14
> char limit.  I too am running Samba 1.9.16p9 on Motorola SVR3.

Which patches are these?


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