samba - passwords MD5

McNally Dermot-R3564C r3564c at
Wed Jul 7 07:34:33 GMT 1999

> I've just installed 3.2-RELEASE FreeBSD with MD5 passwords, but
> it seems samba is unable to authenticate users on the machine:

> [...]

> Does anyone have  samba-2.0.3  running with MD5 passwords ?
> What's that 'module' samba is talking about ?

Yes, and it works. However, the last time I tried, you couldn't just install
using the Samba makefile, you need to patch things so that Samba doesn't
attempt to use PAM for authentication (FreeBSD has some sort of PAM support,
but apparently not the kind Samba is looking for - Samba Team: any chance of
making Samba not use PAM on FreeBSD until it is known that it will work?).
For this reason, the easiest way to get things working is to install Samba
from the ports collection. If you don't want to do this, you can at least
locate the patches you need in the Samba port definition.

Oh, and of course, you might have better luck if you install the latest
version of Samba...


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