Automatic install of printer drivers + comments

Carey Sinclair carey.sinclair at
Mon Jul 5 23:05:48 GMT 1999

Greetings all,

Recently we implemented the automatic install of printers (+ their
associated drivers) for our Windows 95 clients. Originally we achieved
it using Samba 2.0.4. Unfortunately we could not get the comment field
(as configured at the client) to get automatically filled in. After
upgrading to 2.0.4b we found that 'magically' the comment field was
filled in with the same information that was configured in the comment
field in smb.conf. Joy!

Unfortunately after a (necessary) rebuild of the server (from Redhat 5.2

to 6.0) and a reinstall of Samba 2.0.4b we found that the comment field
was no longer automatically set.

We require the ability to set the comment field so users can identify
where a particular printer is located. We investigated inserting the
information into the actual printer name but found that to be too messy
(+ only limited to 32 characters). We were very happy to find that samba

inserts the comment information as part of the automatic printer
driver (PRINTER$) installs. We are however baffled at why it no longer
works (same version of samba, different version of linux?).

I am quite sure that no other option in smb.conf was changed.

Is anyone aware of some 'magic' that makes samba pass the comment
information, or makes Win95 clients set the comment? Any help would
be appreciated.

 Carey Sinclair
 IT Project Engineer
 Tait Electronics Ltd
 558 Wairakei Rd, Christchurch, New Zealand
 Phone: (64) (3) 3583399 ext. 8145
 Email: carey.sinclair at

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