Tar works strange..

Alexander Yemtsov aay at binar.sar.nnov.ru
Sun Jul 4 09:27:23 GMT 1999

Hi, All!

    Well, backup is working. I rewrote the script given to me by Glenn
using idea of Brian (Glenn, Brian, Thank You!) with three main lines, in
this lines
I at first smbmount remote dir, tars it, and then smbumount it.

    I use "tar -u --file=Archive_name /backup/mnt". "-u" AFAIK is Update
mode, so if
you files will be added to achive if they change their edition time.
    But if I run backup for the first time, everything works wonderfull,
but when I
runit again without changing files in remote backup dir my tar file
increases in
size two times! (from 2.6M to 5.1M).

    Why? Does anybody know what is it ? My dumbness or gluk(sorry, bug)
in tar?

                                                    ..... Yours , Alex

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