oplock_break: MS kb articles

Giulio Orsero giulioo at tiscalinet.it
Sun Jul 4 12:24:51 GMT 1999

I found these articles that talk about the oplock_break problem (specifically
they are related to problems with word97):

Basically they say:
either apply sp3 on the winnt client or disable oplock on nt server

But they don't say anything about win9x, which is the platform I have problems
with!!! :(

>This appears to be a timing related Win9x bug. 
>Did you know there are different Win9x client redirector
>parches. Have you tried getting the latest RDR
>patch for Win9x from the Microsoft site ?

On win95 I have:
vredir.vxd 4.00.1116
vnetsup.vxd 4.00.1112

On win98 I have:
vredir.vxd 4.10.1998
vnetsup.vxd 4.10.1998

On the MS site there a kb article that talks about (for win95):
Vnetsup.vxd  version 4.10.1691 dated 3/11/98
Vredir.vxd   version 4.10.1691 dated 3/11/98 
But I couldn't find where to download these files.

The vrdrupd.exe contains the 4.00.111x versions.

giulioo at tiscalinet.it

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