OS/2 Warp Version 4.0

Michal Jezierski heja at xox.pl
Thu Jul 1 11:06:30 GMT 1999


> Is anyone running Warp Clients out there. I am having some problems with
> saving files and such as was wondering if anyone could send me a smb.conf
> that is configured with OS/2 in mind. I have the Samba server running on AIX
> and have had great success with Window 95, 98 and NT clients but seem
> mystified by the OS/2 problems. I'm sure if I could look at a conf file I
> could piece my installation together. Thanks.

Yes, we are at our company. We have Linux RedHat 5.1 with samba 2.0.2.
There was no special setup for OS/2 clients (we have W95, Warp 3 and
Warp 4, but no NTas) apart from setting lm announce to true and lm
interval to 10 (maybe it is too often though). There were several
problems with one client application's crashes on OS/2, probably because
of bugs in them, despite they are IBM's. There have been less problems
since we turned off NT specific options in smb.conf, but still they
occasionally show up. 

Maybe we (i.e. OS/2 users) could start a separate thread at the samba
list, and share our experience?



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