Problems in Joining to an NT domain (RH6.0).

Nicola Lamarca Nicola.Lamarca at
Thu Jul 1 10:26:22 GMT 1999

Dear all,
	due to a crash in my samba server (running fine as a domain
member with security=domain), I reinstalled the whole system (RH6.0) and
also samba. Then I deleted the Linux box from the domain ad got it again
in it through my PDC (server manager).
Anyway when I try 

smbpasswd -j WNT -r

WNT -> my domain -> my PDC and WINS server

I don't succeed in joining the domain getting back the below message:

doing parameter syslog = 3
doing parameter wins server =
pm_process() returned Yes
Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Connecting to at port 139
modify_trust_password: machine rejected the session setup.
Error wa.
1999/07/01 12:15:56 : change_trust_account_password: Failed to change
password .
Unable to join domain WNT.

What did it happen ?

Any idea ?

Thanks and best regards.

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