Samba and TCP/IP printing...

Julian Richardson JRichardson at
Thu Jul 1 11:36:34 GMT 1999

Hi all,

this is probably a simple question and probably in a document somewhere
- if someone can point me in the right direction then I'd appreciate it!

We have a set of HP printers here sitting on our LAN with their own IP
addresses via JetDirect boxes. We want to replace our costly print
server with a Linux box. Now, I believe that Samba can do print sharing,
can it not? If so, I'd expect that's geared up to cope with the typical
printer scenario whereby the printers are physically attached to the
back of the printserver machine, but in our case the printers are
actually out on the LAN. Can Samba / Linux cope with this?? We need to
share out printer names from the linux box as is currently done on the
NT printserver, so the access method can't change from a client's point
of view.

Any ideas or pointers?? (I only looked into Samba briefly a few months
back so I'm not up to speed with current development or



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