Samba and Winfax / Hylafax

Jan Kratochvil short at
Fri Jan 22 18:35:42 GMT 1999

> Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> > 
> > > In our office, the Unix-box is the only machine running 24 hours a day.
> > > All clients (WIN9x,NT) and our Unix-application
> > > (self-coded/Informix-based) put some faxjobs to the Unixbox and HylaFAX
> > > sends the faxes immediately or scheduled over night.
> > >
> > > If you´ve managed to configure SAMBA, you will sure succeed in running
> > > HylaFAX too. If you´ve got trouble, there exist also a list with a lot
> > > of HylaFAX-gurus to subscribe to.
> > 
> >   Sorry to bothering you but exist there also some (possible free)
> > solution to RETRIEVE faxes received on the UNIX (server) box and look
> > at them/print them on the Win9x machines?
> >   Last time (a year or two) I checked, only sending from Win9x to UNIX
> > was implemented.
> > 
> >                                 Thanks for info, Lace
> You can send *and* receive faxes on your Unix system through HylaFAX (and HylaFAX is free)!!!

  Yes, I would expect this. I'm using mgetty for in/out faxing for now.

> Although we use HylaFAX in our office as a send-only system, you can receive faxes too. Let 
> HylaFAX store them as TIFF files in a SAMBA-share and look at them with with favourite 
> WIN-TIFF-viewer.

  This is what I wanted to know. So in fact no more comfortable solution exists
for now. I know that filenames can be quite descriptive but it's still not
some integrate solution for remote fax from Win as with receive log, transmit log with
ability to abort faxes and so on. [user-friendly]
  It would be nice to write such beat in Java but I'm allocated and pre-allocated
a long time from now already. :-(( Some guy there out, who ...? No, just kidding,
I know that there isn't such, of course.

> I´ll post this letter in the SAMBA-digest again, but also I´ll post it in the Hylafax-digest. 
> Some people there can surely tell you more about HylaFAX.

  The best would be to download it and look at it myself but I found that someone
experienced with it would be better (for me :-) ) to bother.

> If you´ve got problems - don´t hesitate to mail me again.

  Thanks for offer.

> best regards
> juergen
  					Happy coding,

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