Samba and Winfax / Hylafax

Rick RICK_ at
Sat Jan 23 03:02:40 GMT 1999

Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> > In our office, the Unix-box is the only machine running 24 hours a day.
> > All clients (WIN9x,NT) and our Unix-application
> > (self-coded/Informix-based) put some faxjobs to the Unixbox and HylaFAX
> > sends the faxes immediately or scheduled over night.
> >
> > If you´ve managed to configure SAMBA, you will sure succeed in running
> > HylaFAX too. If you´ve got trouble, there exist also a list with a lot
> > of HylaFAX-gurus to subscribe to.
>   Sorry to bothering you but exist there also some (possible free)
> solution to RETRIEVE faxes received on the UNIX (server) box and look
> at them/print them on the Win9x machines?
>   Last time (a year or two) I checked, only sending from Win9x to UNIX
> was implemented.
>                                 Thanks for info, Lace

You can send *and* receive faxes on your Unix system through HylaFAX (and HylaFAX is free)!!!
Although we use HylaFAX in our office as a send-only system, you can receive faxes too. Let 
HylaFAX store them as TIFF files in a SAMBA-share and look at them with with favourite 

I´ll post this letter in the SAMBA-digest again, but also I´ll post it in the Hylafax-digest. 
Some people there can surely tell you more about HylaFAX.

If you´ve got problems - don´t hesitate to mail me again.

best regards

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