Samba 2.0 mit SUSE-LINUX RPM package

Oliver Bogen Oliver.Bogen at
Thu Jan 21 15:47:23 GMT 1999


I have a big problem using this package!

first i installed the package without any problem and from the UNIX Side it seem's that the Server is working but wenn I try 
to browse the Workgroup of the SAMBA Server I get the follonig Messages:

Workgroup is not available!

and if I try to connect to the server by \\servername\share
connect from a Windows 95 or NT Client i get the messages that the password is not correct.

and in the sambalog there is the message:

[1999/01/21 16:47:08, 0] lib/util_sock.c:set_socket_options(130)
  Unknown socket option IPTOS_LOWDELAY
[1999/01/21 16:47:09, 0] smbd/uid.c:become_gid(105)
  Couldn't set effective gid to 1000 currently set to (real=0,eff=0)
[1999/01/21 16:47:09, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(425)
  Can't become connected user!

do you know what to do ??

thank you best regards


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