"wide links" parameter and symlinks

Peter McCool PeterMc at qml.com.au
Thu Jan 21 00:55:50 GMT 1999


I posted this question few a few weeks ago, but it was over the
break and the list seemed really quiet, so I thought I might try it

I have been having some trouble getting samba to deal with symlinks
the way I want it to. What I want is to allow symlinks within the scope
of the current share only, but not outside of it. I can stop symlinks
being followed at all, with "follow symlinks = no", but if I turn
symlinks" on, all symlinks seem to be followed whether "wide links"
is set or not. The only way I have been able to do it is by adding code
to server.c.

What I'm wondering is: have I missed some way to achieve this with
wide links/follow symlinks/some other parameter? I've searched the
archives without success.



Peter McCool(petermc at qml.com.au) - System Administrator - QML - Brisbane
- Australia

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