Like Netware share ??

Andy Bakun abakun at
Mon Jan 18 20:56:14 GMT 1999

>Most of you will probably think about this "It's not a real problem". But
not my boss. I want to
>exchange our Netware server with a linux/SMABA one but my boss wants to
have on the new server
>exactly the same directories structure like in the Netware server. And
here it is what I couldn't
>done : user X  wich have two secondary groups Y and Z must browse in Win95
_only_  the Y and Z
>shares (and homedirectories share, of course). This is done already with
home share !
>Please help Samba to win a new user.

I think what you are saying is that you want user X to only see shares Y
and Z when they open the machine, correct?

What you want to do is use samba's macro expansion with include files.  My
setup requires this also.  For example, I have a series of config files
that define shares:


Then I have configuration files for each user

smb.conf.usera contains:
    include = smb.conf.share1
    include = smb.conf.share2

smb.conf.userb contains:
    include = smb.conf.share2
    include = smb.conf.share3

And in the main smb.conf file, I have

    include = smb.conf.%u

Note that the %u gets expanded to the username, so usera only gets shares
share1 and share2 defined, and userb only gets share2 and share3 defined.
And that is all they can see, and access.  As far as userb is concerned,
share1 doesn't exist.

You might have to include the full path of the conf file -- I did in mine.
Also, I found it easier to define one share per file and then combine those
into the user conf files, this way, rather can copy and pasting the share
definitions into each file, I'm sure everyone is accessing the share with
the config and permissions, and I only need to remember to change one file
when the share config changes.

My setup is actually slightly more complex, and I have used symlinks to
point to group named conf files.


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