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Jan Kratochvil short at
Mon Jan 18 22:18:55 GMT 1999

> > > I think what you are saying is that you want user X to only see shares Y
> > > and Z when they open the machine, correct?
> > >
> > > What you want to do is use samba's macro expansion with include files.  My
> > > setup requires this also.  For example, I have a series of config files
> > > that define shares:
> >
> >   Weird that this works, I read some time ago on this Samba mailing list
> > that during browsing through Samba shares, no user credentials are being sent
> > to server and the first authentication is being made during the connect to
> > the specific share itself. Are you sure that this works? Maybe that other guy
> > was wrong if you're OK.
> As far as I know, it works great with Win95.  All but one of the machines on my
> network are WinNT4 (the other one is a win95).  There is a problem with WinNT
> when browsing shares -- it wants to refresh the share list ANONYMOUSLY a second
> time after opening a share. The way username assignments are setup, this causes
> all sorts of havoc with macro expansion, and shares suddenly 'disappear'.  I have
> written a patch for samba to 'restrict anonymous' connections, which greatly
> increases the reliablity of this (there are still a few problems, and shares are
> known to disappear, but these times are rare as far as I know, and ms's netbios
> stack seems to not want to put things in the same order in the packets in 95 as
> it does with NT, but this is beyond the scope of what I can even attempt to
> fix).  It is at look for files named samba-restanon*.  But
> you shouldn't need this patch if you use only win95.
> I'd say give the macro stuff a try and see how it goes.

  Thanks for explanation, I'll giving CC to samba at as you hadn't done
it yourself and I found your answer as a good information to spread it to the
world. :-)

> Andy.

> Andy Bakun <abakun at>

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