smbmount and smbumount

Matthew Geier matthew at
Mon Jan 18 20:19:05 GMT 1999

> From: "Nils van den Heuvel" <n.heuvel at>
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> Subject: smbmount and smbumount
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> Hi,
> when I try to mount a share on my windows pc using smbmount it 
> says that it needs mount version 6, but my mount came fron util-
> linux and it's version is 2.9.... I also noticed that the smbmount and 
> smbumount files in the samba 2.0.0 package don't get compiled... 
> Can someone help me? I'm running slackware 3.6 with kernel 2.0.0-
> pre7...

 This is question is certainly going to bug the samba team for
forever now, including smbmount is going to haunt for ever...

 The linux source tree under -
 tells people to get the samba distribution for a working smbmount...

 Documentation/filesystems/smbfs.txt is even more explict about getting
and installing Samba to make smbfs to work.

 Linux 2.2 is probably going to ship with doco implying that smbmount
is part of the samba package, when all its a 'contributed' unsupported
addon instead.

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