silvino silvino at
Thu Jan 14 16:18:17 GMT 1999

Hello List,

I'm having a problem with a windows95 client under Samba server

I've created a bat file, named user1.bat, user1 is the name of
the ordinary user in use, under the home directory:
/home/samba/netlogon. The matter is that when windows logs the
bat file is not loaded automatically. The commands inside of it
are very simple, as shown in the list below:

NET TIME \\sambahost /SET /YES
NET USE E: \\sambahost\user1

All access permissions were set to free, chmod 777 in all of the
subdirectories and files involved in this process, and changes in
/etc/smb.conf file have been done as well, but I had no success.

If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it.

Thank in advance!

Silvino B. Magalhaes

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