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Langas, Michael E michael.e.langas at
Thu Jan 14 15:14:57 GMT 1999

Is it possible to trust more than one password server when using "security =
We have been using samba successfully for a few years now with an NT server
validating passwords for us.  I have been asked to give access to a handful
of other users in another NT domain.  Unfortunately, I don't control our NT
domain, so I can't simply give the new users a login to our account or set
up any type of trust relationship between the two NT domains.

The options I have come up with to solve our problem are 
1)	create another samba server using an NT server in the new domain for
password validation. 
2)	start smbd with inetd to create a virtual server.  This would
require use of the %L macro in the configuration file.  

For various reasons I would like to avoid both of these solutions if

Does anyone know of any other way to trust more than one password server.
My understanding of the samba config file is that you can put more than one
server on the 
"server =" line, but if you get a negative response from any of the NT
servers before you get the one positive response you are looking for, the
samba server will reject the connection.  This obviously doesn't achieve the
desired result.

Thanks in advance,

Mike Langas

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