Trouble seeing files on OS/2 server

Russell Poyner rpoyner at
Tue Jan 12 04:04:53 GMT 1999

I have just installed redhat linux 5.1 and samba on an old 486 in my office and
would like to be able to use samba to connect to the hard drive  on a nearby
OS/2 warp4 box.   The os/2 box has regular smb and smb over TCPIP installed. 

On the linux box smbclient can connect to and see a win95 machine on the net
and the win95 machine sees the OS/2 box fine.  When I use smbclient on the
linux machine to connect to the OS/2 box it appears to connect fine but dir or
ls return no files, only a report on free space on the OS/2 drive.  Smbmount
gives similar behavior, the mount command appears to work but the mount point
directory appears empty.

Thanks in advance

Russell Poyner

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