can't get in Network Neighborhood - need help

Greg J. Pinto Greg.J.Pinto at
Mon Feb 22 21:03:46 GMT 1999

I saw this message posted while I was catching up on previous digests.
We've had similar problems with Samba machine showing up in the Network
Browser.  Some would, while others (running the same version and
virtually identical smb.conf files) wouldn't.  About a month ago I saw a
post on here about the length of the Server Description tag in the
smb.conf causing this problem.  I shortened the length and a lo' and
behold, the server was now appearing in the Browse lists on our Windoze
hosts.  Not sure if this was already relayed to you, but I didn't see it
in subsequent digests.


> Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 06:04:52 +0200 (EET)
> From: Andrei
> To: samba at
> Subject: can't get in Network Neighborhood - need help
> Message-ID:
>         I am currenlt using samba 2.0.2 but i remember having this problem
> with older releases too. Everything works fine but no matter what i do
> (user/share security level ; domain master=yes/no ;local master=yes/no
> etc.) the windozes (win98) can see my samba server only if i do
> start/find - computer. They can't see it in Network Neighborhood...
>         Linux 2.2.1
>         Thanx.
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> Andrei Postolache, and at, +40-35360249
> An ideal world: no stupids, no 16800 bps connections and Windows works.

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