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Mon Feb 22 21:30:57 GMT 1999

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One thing I should mention is that during the file copy I noticed
performance problems with directories that had several files in them. I
thought the problem was with windows nt but the processes that seem to be
running the slowest hit these directories. By several files I mean 35,000+ .
The size of the files does not seem to matter 1k or 5m both are slow.
Sorry for all the emails,

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To: Pankaj Chowdhry
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Pankaj Chowdhry wrote:

> I am currently running samba 2.0 on a HP Netserver LH4 Xeon single
> processor. I am having performance problems. Do you have any documentation
> on the test environment and the performance tuning that you used in your
> testing.
> Thanks in advance
> Robert Seese
> RRS Police Records Management Inc.

Hi Robert,

	Pankaj forwarded your message to me as I was the
person who set up the VA Research Linux server for the
PC Week benchmark.

Could you elaborate a little more on your configuration
and problems ?

In addition, it may be advantagous to move the discussion
to samba at samba.org or samba-technical at samba.org so more
minds than mine can work on your problem :-).


	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

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