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Joel jwknight at
Mon Feb 22 20:46:17 GMT 1999

Hello list.

I admin a small network with a samba 1.9.18p10 server running under Linux
2.0.34. The server processes domain logins, WINS requests and is the LMB.
Everthing had been running very smooth for months then all of a sudden,
none of the client (win 9x) machines could login; the error was "No server
found to processes your domain logon." Further investigation proved that I
could indeed ping the Linux box and I could even do a 'net view \\server'
and get a list of all shares. A thorough investigation turned up nothing
out of the ordinary save for the fact that when I restarted samba, it did
*not* force an election. The log files show that it sets up the
interfaces, etc, but thats where nmbd stops. I finally broke down and
rebooted the server and nmbd forced the election and domain logons worked
as always.

Now, the only thing I can think of is that this server had been up for
approx. 144 days. Are the problems we experienced somehow related to that?
Perhaps a problem with the 2.0.34 kernel? I am interested to hear other
people's stories running samba under Linux 2.0.x with long uptimes or from
anyone who can shed some light on my mini-mystery.

Thanks in advance :-)


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