Locking problem - suspect it's badly behaved app

Duncan Kinnear duncanwantsnomorespam at mccarthy.co.nz
Wed Feb 17 20:24:16 GMT 1999

On 17 Feb 99, at 5:51, samba at samba.org wrote:

> I'm modifying the files through my unix a/c and displaying them on 
> my pc via samba with ghostview. I had a look at the faqs which told 
> me that this wasn't a very good idea. However, it would make my life 
> a bit easier if I could do it.


We are doing exactly the same thing (Ghostview with Unix created files), 
and I asked an almost identical question a couple of months ago.

The 'problem' is oplocks.  Samba 2.x uses oplocks by default which 
assumes that you access your files through Windows clients ONLY.  If 
you are 'sharing' files between Unix and Windows, then you have to 
disable oplocks.  This can be done by either disabling oplocks for the 
entire share ("oplocks = no") or by vetoing oplocks on that specific file 
type within the share ("veto oplock files = *.ps|*.eps").  Once you get rid 
of oplocks, all should be OK (albeit a bit slower).



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