Automount for cdrom?

Jorge Nerin jnerin at
Tue Feb 16 23:24:31 GMT 1999

I'm sorry if this is not the place to ask for it, but I haven't found 
nothing that makes what I want, and I think there should be people 
with the same problem.

The problem, I have a samba server and windows 95 and nt clients, and 
I have a share named cdrom, what I want is that when someone puts a 
CD into the server cdrom and comes back to his computer and hit F5 he 
could use the cd as if it where a widows machine.

I didn't want to have a shell account just to mount and umount the 
CD, and I want it "automagically", as if it where a windows machine 
in fact.

The only thing that I think it's missed from windows is that 
"automounter". I have tried the preexec and postexec stuff, but it 
won't work if two users are in te share and one goes to the server 
and tries to change the CD, it's used, and it won't umount. Someone 
tell me that an automounter daemos exist, but further investigation 
showed that this is for network exported shares (nfs mounts and so 

I was thinking in writing a CGI or perhaps an app, nut I think that 
such thing must be done somewhere.

P.D. I'm not in the list, please cc me the answers, and also if 
someone also wants the replies I got.

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