Samba access through remote isp?

Dan Kirkpatrick dkirk at
Tue Feb 16 22:03:29 GMT 1999

I have samba setup for our department and it's working fine, with mounting
drives and using printers...

now I want to be able to do the same thing for all faculty with roadrunner
access from home.
I've put the ip of the local road runner in the smb.conf file for
hosts to allow, and the machine knows about the server by adding it to
c:\windows\lmhosts.sam and c:\windows\lmhosts 
a nbtstat -a server (or nbtstat -A serverip) responds with host not
found... but I can reach the server with ping.

But when I log in as the user on samba to the remote windows machine... and
try to mount a drive at \\server\username and it says it can't find it, and
have tried the ip address instead of the name.
I can ping the server fine.

Has anyone gotten samba working both locally, and through remote access?

Dan Kirkpatrick                        dkirk at
Computer Systems Manager
Department of Physics
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY   Fax: (315) 443-9103

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