What version should W95 be for Samba

Avantel Systems alex at avantel.com
Wed Feb 17 03:14:32 GMT 1999

Samba Fans

I have seen some posts on this list from people who installed Samba for
their organizations and/or clients.  I would like to know if anyone has put
together a RELIABLE way to ensure that the W95 clients are going to be
capable of working with Samba.  I have not yet found a way to get reliable
behaviour from any of my W95 clients and I'm sure there must(?) be a
reproduceable configuration that provides stable behaviour.  

For example what version info should I look for (my system claims to be
4.00.950B) and then which specific updates/patches do I need to get the
configuration that will work with Samba (I'm running 2.0.0).  I installed
vredrupd.exe, pingupd.exe, krnlupd.exe, rpcrtupd.exe, vrdrupd.exed,
vtcpup11.exe, and vipup11.exe in that order.  Still doesn't work right.
Any known applications that mangle the DLLs I need for Samba?

I'm willing to start from a new installation (again!) if that will help!
I'm really fed up trying to find what works by trial and error (and another
crash and re-boot of windoze). I'm sure samba is working OK and the
smb.conf file is OK too since most of the time I can list the shared files
and sometimes I can even copy files in and out. It's just not reliably

Any suggestions for making sure the windoze version is OK?


Alex @ avantel

ps : What's the vnetsup fix that John refers to? I can't find it.

John H Terpstra <samba-bugs at samba.org> wrote;

>To: alex at avantel.com
>Subject: Re: mysterious file bug (PR#)
>X-Loop: samba-bugs at samba.org
>Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 17:23:36 -0500
>Win9X has more bugs than there are prickles on a porcupine! Time to make sure
>that your Win9X system is up to date with all fixes and patches.
>For Win95 - build 950 mack sure you have at least service pack 1 installed.
>For Win95 - build 950 and 950A, best advice is to install all fixes still
>available from the MS Websites.
>For Win95 - OEM SR2.X - please, please install the TCP/IP fixes, the VREDIR
>fix, the VNETSUP fix as an absolute minimum.
>MS call Win95 a product! We know it is at least 7 different concoctions
>depending on which version (issue) you start with, and which bug fixes you
>have installed.
>And most importantly, make sure ALL Win9X machines on your network have the
>same version and the same fixes installed or else be prepared for some
>inexplicable problems.

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