NT4sp3/samba case sensitivity problems

Dave Walton walton at emusic.com
Tue Feb 16 08:36:33 GMT 1999

We just upgraded a server from v1.9.something to v2.0.2.  In the 
process, we moved from "preserve case = no" to "preserve case = 
yes" (with a side trip through "case sensitive = yes" and back).  

I have begun to notice an annoying problem with deleting files from 
NT by selecting the file and pressing delete.  If the file is named 
something like "Asdf.txt", it deletes without a problem.  But if it is 
named "ASDF.TXT", "asdf.txt", or any mixture of case other than 
"Asdf.txt", pressing delete usually cases a dialog to pop up saying 
"Cannot delete asdf: Cannot find the specified file."  Every once in 
a while, the delete confirmation dialog will pop up as expected.  
But if I cancel that dialog and immediately press delete again, the 
error will pop up instead.  (Note that dragging to the trash appears 
to work every time.)

Any ideas what is causing this and how I can make it stop?  


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