Beginners questions

Steve Edford sledford at
Tue Feb 16 09:22:17 GMT 1999

Hi everyone.  As you can probably easily guess, I'm new to Samba.
What I am trying to do is establish a very basic FTP connection
between my Amiga 3000 and G3 PowerMac using Samba on the Amiga
and Dave 2.1 on the Mac. I don't even know where to
begin. I've spent several days digging through the Samba docs,
but haven't made much progress. Any help would be greatly appeciated.

First of all, does there have to be some sort of basic network connection
between the 2 machines before Samba and Dave can be used?  Every time I
try to do this, the Mac wants to dial the modem when I try to make a TCP/IP
connection. I'm using Miami 2.1 on the Amiga, and Open Transport 2.0.2
on the Mac.

Second, if I want to access an Amiga hard drive partition with the
Mac, would I use the smbd program for this?  I am assuming the
smbclient would be for the other way around.  Are there any special
command line parameters for smbd. I can't find  any listed in
the docs.

Is anyone else using Samba on the Amiga to access a Macintosh through
Dave 2.1?  I am new to networking with Ethernet, so please overlook
my ignorance about some of this. I'm trying to learn. :-)

Steve Edford
sledford at

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