Problem with vertical bars

William E. Jojo, Jr. - Systems Administrator jojowil at
Fri Feb 12 14:34:10 GMT 1999

I've been using the CVS version of Samba and 2.0.2.

2.0.2 works great with W95 - great job everyone!

95 will attach to the CVS versions domain, but here's what happens when I use an
NT4.4 station (and 4.3):

1) Red Hat 5.1 and 2.1.0prealpha causes a STOP 0x0000000A.

2) AIX 4.3.2 and 2.1.0prealpha causes vertical bars to be display when viewing
shares through network neighborhood.

If I set up smbpasswd properly, both domain configurations can be joined by the

I've been using Samba for a couple of years now, and I feel confident in my
abilities, however, I'm stumped!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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