Informix -> error executing over Samba / Ok over hard disk

Miquel Bonastre miquel at
Mon Feb 8 16:42:53 GMT 1999


We have some problems executing "Informix" under Samba. We suppose there
are some problems with some configuration parameters but we don't know
what these parameters are.

The problem is the following:

- We have unit G: mapped no \\server\software (net use g:
- We install Informix in G:\informix
- We execute Informix and it doesn't work !

- We copy this directory G:\informix to C:\unitg\informix
- We delete G: (net use g: /del)
- We do a subst (subst g: c:\unitg) so the directory c:\unitg works as
the unit g:
- We execute Informix and it WORKS!!!

So the problem isn't with the drive letter but with SAMBA! Do you know
which parameters must I change with a problem like this! (this is the
firs software that causes problems to us, we have a lot of software
installed under Samba and no problem, but this one ...).

Any idea about what must we look for?


                            Miquel Bonastre (miquel at
                            Area de Sistemes Unix (LCFIB)
                            Facultat d'Informatica de Barcelona
                            Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

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