Samba Solution [was] Beware: Samba is a hoax

alex at alex at
Mon Feb 8 17:00:28 GMT 1999

I think I (may) have partially solved my mystery file problem.  I was
trying to get Samba to work with 3 clients initially - from my workstation
and from two others for confirmation.  It turned out they were ALL not
working properly but for different reasons. 

Unfortunately for me, if I had been working on a different machine I would
have found the problem much sooner.  It now works on the other two clients
- simple authentication/permissions problems. But on my own workstation
there is still a serious problem and I'm not sure yet what it may be.
Except that it is not Samba! 

Symptom:  I can access the shared directories and files but it depends on
what files are in the shared directories!? If the directory contains
specific 'mystery' files my W95 system freezes (this is repeatable!).  The
other W95 clients have no trouble.  Some of you on this list have suggested
that I must have a networking problem but (my understanding is) that would
mean it is a problem that shows up ONLY when connecting to a Samba server -
and that's tough for me to understand. Any ideas/what to look for? 

Still baffled ( but much happier with Samba! )


In my previous posting I said;

>However, I am starting to suspect a name mangling configuration problem that
>confuses W95 (or samba?).  Here's why :

and I was wrong.

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