Communicator 4.5 & Samba 2.0.0

Jim Morris Jim at
Mon Feb 8 05:13:09 GMT 1999

Juan Carlos Castro y Castro <jcastro at> wrote:

> > So it appears that for SOME reason, the mounted vfat partition is not
> > acting the same, permission-wise, under Samba 2.0.0 as 1.9.18p10. I'll
> > do some more debugging, and see what I can come up with....
> No. Permissions are not likely the problem. You know what might be the
> problem? Case conversion and name mangling. I wonder how this
> VFAT-partition-mounting interprets names. There's another test for you:
> 1) Have both shares working, VFAT and Linux, and map each one under a
> letter under Win95. (say, D: and E:)
> 2) Pick some directory (preferably one with both long and short file
> names) and, under a DOS box (not DOS mode), do:
>         DIR D:\directory
> and
>         DIR E:\directory
> and see if anything funny shows up.

Well, I did the above, and guess what? No difference in file attributes
or filenames can be seen, looking at the same files on an EXT2 based
share, or a VFAT based share.

I've tested this with Samba 2.0.1 now, with identical results.  What's
really funny is that it seems SOME level of file access is going on,
because Netscape Communicator appears to write messages that it fetches
from my POP3 server (on my in-house Linux PC) to the folders. It just
can't READ the folder information when on a shared VFAT volume.

I have reported this problem to samba-bugs as well, and will probably
start tomorrow morning by running a Level 5 log file of cranking up
Netscape Communicator's Email module on this share using Samba
1.9.18p10, and then Samba 2.0.1. Hopefully that will show something.... 
if not, I'm not sure where to turn. I really thing SOMETHING has changed
seriously here, and if it affects Netscape Communicator 4.5, you can be
sure it will affect some other application accessing data on a Samba
share as well.

Maybe it's possible that Samba 2.0.x is using some filesystem
functionality that wasn't used by 1.9.18p10? I.e. it is trying to do
something that EXT2 supports, but VFAT doesn't, and 1.9.18p10 didn't do
whatever it is.

Well, until later.... 

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