Communicator 4.5 & Samba 2.0.0

Juan Carlos Castro y Castro jcastro at
Mon Feb 8 19:21:36 GMT 1999

Jim Morris wrote:
> > 1) Have both shares working, VFAT and Linux, and map each one under a
> > letter under Win95. (say, D: and E:)
> >
> > 2) Pick some directory (preferably one with both long and short file
> > names) and, under a DOS box (not DOS mode), do:
> >
> >         DIR D:\directory
> > and
> >         DIR E:\directory
> >
> > and see if anything funny shows up.
> Well, I did the above, and guess what? No difference in file attributes
> or filenames can be seen, looking at the same files on an EXT2 based
> share, or a VFAT based share.
> I've tested this with Samba 2.0.1 now, with identical results.  What's
> really funny is that it seems SOME level of file access is going on,
> because Netscape Communicator appears to write messages that it fetches
> from my POP3 server (on my in-house Linux PC) to the folders. It just
> can't READ the folder information when on a shared VFAT volume.

Yeah, this is starting to look more like a kernel problem and less like
a Samba problem. What is your kernel version? Also, is the partition
FAT32 or not?

> I have reported this problem to samba-bugs as well, and will probably
> start tomorrow morning by running a Level 5 log file of cranking up
> Netscape Communicator's Email module on this share using Samba
> 1.9.18p10, and then Samba 2.0.1. Hopefully that will show something....
> if not, I'm not sure where to turn. I really thing SOMETHING has changed
> seriously here, and if it affects Netscape Communicator 4.5, you can be
> sure it will affect some other application accessing data on a Samba
> share as well.

...only if this share is from a VFAT partition (which is a rather
bizarre way of sharing files you gotta admit). You just wandered into
the Twilight Zone!

> Maybe it's possible that Samba 2.0.x is using some filesystem
> functionality that wasn't used by 1.9.18p10? I.e. it is trying to do
> something that EXT2 supports, but VFAT doesn't, and 1.9.18p10 didn't do
> whatever it is.

THIS is likely! Well, the Samba programmers will probably have more of a
clue than you and me.

> Well, until later....

See ya next bug! ;)
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