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Try to test your Win clients to work properly.
I know there are some problems when you join the samba domain with WinNT
workstation 4.0 SP4. But all Win95/98/3.11 should connect to the samba
server successfully. As i learned in the past, the most problems are on the
client side NOT on the server side. Maybe you've got a malfunctioning
network cable (was a browsing problem of one of the guys in this mailing

> 1) Setup is more complex than Sendmail (it set the standard for
On my first start with samba (2 years ago) i spent only 30 min. to configure
it properly. Read the docs!!!! Contrary to the WinNT docs you will find
usefull and understandable information (try to find infos on subnet browsing
in the NT server docs and understand it!). I used one of the exampe configs
of samba and adjusted only the parameters for my environment. Till today i
don't understand the sendmail configuration (i use allways the defaults with
minor changes).

> Samba will still not let you SHARE FILES or SHARE PRINTERS between Windows
and Unix
We use samba on linux with 100 users sharing more than 200 shares and 60
printers (accessable from different unix machines and all windows clients,
even the local printers on the win clients are accessable). All shares can
be accessed by remote clients over the wan too. There are many multiuser win
apps using the samba shares with NO trouble. We installed 3 samba servers.
One is the domain master, serving the complete authentification of the whole
net (across subnets) and providing the wins database. All clients joins the
domain of this domain master. All clients are able for roaming (the profiles
are stored on the domain master).

Don't flame me, but samba is the most relieable (based on the OS it runs
on), fastest win server you can find on this planet. And there are not
hidden "features" like security holes or "blue screens". I wish to thank all
the developers/programmers/hackers of samba for their great job.

WinNT server: it only hurts if you survive...........

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