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You have to create a smbpasswd file and setup the passwords for your users
with smbpasswd 8see man page, it's easier like the unix "passwd"). The samba
passwords can be different to the unix passwords. Do so, if your WinXX
passwords are different to the unix passwords. So your users don't need to
apply the password every time they connect to samba. WinXX sends the win
client password to the server. If this fails, the password dialog appears.

Hope this solves you problem.

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> Simple question - I have one Win95 machine that I want to
> interact with Samba on Solaris 5.5.1.  I need to know how
> the Win95 machine needs to be setup, and is smb.config needs
> to be changed.  I've looked for scenarios on the Samba web
> page, but I dont' see any, unless I missed it.  Is there
> somewhere I can look to see at least the basics on what
> needs to be done?  Thanks
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