Kerberos, Samba, Windows 2000

Steve Benson steve at
Mon Dec 27 19:10:08 GMT 1999

Hello... I've recently been experimenting with win2000 and its Kerberos
support. I've gotten 2000 to work  with a unix KDC (the MIT Kerberos 5
distribution). I was wondering if there is any completely kerberized
authentication support in Samba yet. Most of what I have found regarding
Samba + Kerberos interoperability seems to simply be methods for having
samba accept plain text passwords from windows clients and validate them
against a Kerberos database. Is it possible to run Samba as a fully
Kerberized service and accept Kerberos authentication from windows 2000
clients, rather than just act as a password proxy to Kerberos?



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