Problem accessing NT

A. Seeker anonlist at
Fri Dec 17 22:57:53 GMT 1999

Is there a way that an NT administrator can block
a connection if they determine it is from a Samba
box as opposed to Windows95/98?

Encountering problems trying to view NT shares from 
a Redhat 6.1, Samba 2.06 system.   I can view shares
from another Redhat 6.0 linux box. Don't know a lot
about the NT box but believe it is very current because
the hardware is new as of June 99.

 I have been told that the NT server does allow
connections to be made either from users logged 
into our specified domain (which I'm not) or to users
with authorized username and password.

I have tried several scenarios, sending username
with password, without password (it appears to accept my
password when I'm prompted.)

in smb.conf:
encrypt passwords = "yes"

I'm able to connect to my Samba box from Windows95/98.
 When I try to view the shares using the smbclient -L
option without password, I get "NetShareEnum failed".

  When I try to list shares entering
smbclient -L //sharename -U username 

I get:
Connecting to at port 139
 session request ok
session setup failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)

I have no trouble reaching this share when I'm
accessing it from my windows 98 desktop. My password
has a special character which evidently I need to "escape"
or quote in order to send it on the command line. Haven't
been successful yet so I have tried to manually enter
the password when I'm prompted, it doesn't give me an
immediate error, but it does still eventually give me
an error, the one above "...ERRDOS...".

 --A. A.
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