rookie - mount nt share from Solaris 2.6?

James Stansell stansell at
Fri Dec 17 23:39:03 GMT 1999

Joel Riedesel wrote:

> Is it possible to mount an NT (4.0sp3) share onto a 
> Solaris 2.6/Sparc? I just grabbed Samba 2.0.6. 
> ...
> And, are there any other options for doing something 
> equivalent (I've played around with a few different nfs solutions 
> for NT a while back and they were all a fair bit flakey 
> in this regard). 
> (Adding a 20GB disk to an NT box is simply so much cheaper 
> than a relatively equivalent 20GB scsi disk to the Solaris box...) 

Here's two things you might consider.  Neither one of them is perfect,
of course.

1) smbsh - This is a utility/shared library that's included with 2.0.6. 
It's the samba team's answer to smbmount.  There's a good discussion
about it in the documentation directory.  Most programs should be able
to make use of this.  As I understand the two main exceptions are ones
that don't use shared libraries, and ones that use mmap() access to

2) Install x386 UNIX (Linux/Solaris/*BSD, etc.)  The cost of the PC
hardware is the same no matter what software you run on it.

2a) Find a discarded PC that you wouldn't necessarily want to put new
disks on.  Install Linux and smbmount the share from the NT box.  Then
export it to the Solaris box using NFS.  If you try this, I'd be
interested to hear how it works out.


James Stansell <stansell at>

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