tape backups

Edward Schernau ed at schernau.com
Tue Dec 14 08:39:28 GMT 1999

The problem I've come across is that some directories are infinitely
deep on Unix, and Windows clients tend to get confused.  There are
some parameters you can tweak on the share to prevent this, but
my feeble efforts were unable to fix this, despite the "dont descend"

look up smbtar to backup Win machines from Linux

I have a special user that can sign onto the machine with the
tape drive and gets full access to all the shares that way.
I have a share defined like :

valid users = backup
admin users = backup

The "backup" user (a clever user that I trust) signs onto the 98
machine, and double clicks an icon to backup the whole /home/export

YMMV, this wont really work in a big environment.

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