blocking / non-blocking read of files at samba SERVER

Hubertus Krogmann hubertus.krogmann at
Tue Dec 14 13:19:17 GMT 1999

Hello there

How can I determine wether the samba server is reading files
itself in blocking or non-blocking mode.

And where in the source may i find this?

I did find those functions dos_open() ... and the send_smb(),
which is getting an empty answer on reading a file
(or better to say an timeout, ?? blocking mode used ??)
 sends this to the receive_smb() used by smbclient an
this ends up in a triple retry and an error receiving the file.

Is there a possibility to configure the server process to
read non-blocking, so it is just waiting for data (perhaps
for ever, but who cares in our situation ?)

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