samba v DAVE

Ralf Christmann rchristmann at
Tue Dec 14 07:57:49 GMT 1999

>samba server 2.0.6
>DAVE 2.1
>DAVE 2.0
>When the DAVE 2.1 client tries to connect with samba, it gets an error that
>machine name doesn't match. This DAVE client connects with NT systems fine,
>and other Windows systems connect with samba fine, so it's just samba and
>DAVE that are having this failure to communicate.
>When DAVE 2.0 client tries, it connects fine but when I try to copy a file
>to the server it says something (possibly file copying) is taking up all
>available resources on the server drive, so there is no space to copy the
>file. This problem doesn't occur connecting to NT.
>Any suggestions?

We had nearly the same problems with
Dave and samba (we are using samba 2.03).
But after using the patch3 for Dave2.1 everything worked fine.
It's avaiable at thursby's homepage:

Maybe it helps you.

Best regards Ralf

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