bind failed on port 137

Fein, Aaron P. aaron.fein at
Fri Dec 10 21:02:10 GMT 1999

I checked port 137 with netstat -an and port 137 was listed as
udp    0    0  *.137       *.*

Port 137 does not even show up if I omit the -a, so this seems to imply that
it is "passive", as opposed to "active". I'm trying to figure out what
"passive" means, is it anything more than the fact that it is listed in

Any other ideas?


On Friday, December 10, 1999 11:59 AM don_mccall at wrote:
Check to see if anything is currently bound to 137 - use netstat -an|grep
on the HP-UX system... 

Original Post
samba 2.0.6
hp-ux 10.20

When I attempt to start nmbd as a daemon from the command line, I get an
error message stating:

bind failed on port 137

nmbd is not running, nor is it setup via inetd. smbd starts up successfully.

I found many similar problems in the archives, but no resolutions to the
problem. Any help would be appreciated. 

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