Supplied buffer too small in API command

don_mccall at don_mccall at
Fri Dec 10 20:43:34 GMT 1999

If the version of Samba is identical to the versions on your other HP-UX 10.20 
boxes, AND the smb.conf file was cloned from one of the other hp-ux boxes, the 
problem MIGHT be in the automatic shares, etc. that are shared out on your 
machine;  The api that you are getting the error on is the one that would be 
used to get information about the server, and perhaps the amount of information 
that needs to be returned for this particular server is greater than the max 
buffer size the api can accept.  Try doing an smbclient -L <badservername>  and 
smbclient -L <workingservername>  from one of the working 10.20 boxes and see 
if you can spot any large differneces in the data returned....
Sorry, I don't have the old 1.9xxx code downloaded onto my system, so I'm just 

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