How do I set up trust relationships in SAMBA

Rob Tanner rtanner at
Sat Dec 11 00:05:50 GMT 1999

Be nice -- I'm a SAMBA newbie, but at least I've got the O'Reilly book!!

We want to use a SAMBA server to provide user accounts for a print
charge-back system in our public student labs.  Since this amounts to
several thousand accounts which are already managed and current on our
e-mail server, we don't want to try to replicate them and keep them
synchronized on the NT PDC.  For a variety of reasons, we don't want the
SAMBA server to act as the PDC for that domain either.  

According to our NT guru, the solution is to set up a trust relationship
between the SAMBA server and the PDC for the domain providing services to
the student labs.  O'Reilly mentions nothing about trust relationships in
the index, and thumbing through has yet to yield results.  This is
supposedly a common practice thing in the NT domain world.  Can it be done
with SAMBA?


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