Printing from UNIX to Windows problems - ver 2.0.0 beta4

Ken Moellman kensamba at
Tue Dec 7 15:11:07 GMT 1999


	Running HP/UX 10.20 over here, and having a problem -

I want to be able to print from a unix application which only allows us
to specify a printer (in essence, it lets us specify the -d parameter
for the lp command), but I need to print to a windows box.

I've searched the documentation and the recent messages on the different
mailing lists, but haven't found a solution.

The windows box will have a static IP address and have print sharing 
turned on, and allow anyone to print to it's printers.

If someone can even just point me to some relevant documentation, I'd be 
a very happy boy.

If I need to upgrade versions of Samba, that'll be okay, but compiling
for HP is a real pain.


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