Hit enter to continue after mounting an sambashare

Keith G. Murphy keithmur at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 3 17:49:00 GMT 1999

Tim van Erven wrote:
> Beeing new to samba the only thing I want (for now) is to mount the shares on
> an AMD K6-2 running win98 on my PII running RedHat 6.1. Everything works fine
> when I use smbmount from the commandline. I added this line to /etc/fstab on my
> PII:
> //Tom/C         /mnt/tom/c      smb     noauto  0 0
> Tom is the name of the pc running win98 and C is the sharename of its C-drive.
> Now when I execute: 'mount /mnt/tom/c' everything works perfectly, except for
> one thing: mount whaits for me to press 'enter' after calling /sbin/mount.smb.
> When I call mount.smb from the commandline it works perfectly, so the problem
> must be with mount itself.
> Using:
> samba-2.0.6
> mount-2.9u
> Could anyone help me out here or at least point me in the right direction?
> Thanks in advance,
> Tim van Erven

Actually, I think what's happening is that mount is spawning off
mount.smb asynchronously, then returning to the prompt, then you're
seeing all that mount.smb output.  You don't actually have to hit
return; you're really ready to type your next command.  Try it!

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