Hit enter to continue after mounting an sambashare

Tim van Erven t.erven at chello.nl
Thu Dec 2 15:46:11 GMT 1999

Beeing new to samba the only thing I want (for now) is to mount the shares on
an AMD K6-2 running win98 on my PII running RedHat 6.1. Everything works fine
when I use smbmount from the commandline. I added this line to /etc/fstab on my

//Tom/C		/mnt/tom/c	smb	noauto	0 0

Tom is the name of the pc running win98 and C is the sharename of its C-drive.
Now when I execute: 'mount /mnt/tom/c' everything works perfectly, except for
one thing: mount whaits for me to press 'enter' after calling /sbin/mount.smb.
When I call mount.smb from the commandline it works perfectly, so the problem
must be with mount itself.


Could anyone help me out here or at least point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,

Tim van Erven

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